Micro Hydro turbine generator unit

Hydropower is an electrical energy obtained by converting the hydraulic energy of different water flows (rivers, waterfalls, ocean currents, etc.). The kinetic energy of the water flow is transformed into mechanical energy by a hydro turbine (Pelton, Propeller, Turgo, Kaplan, Tubular etc.), then transfer into electrical energy by an alternator. Hydroelectric energy is a renewable energy. Its production offers the enormous advantage of being continuous and regular (unlike solar or wind energy). The power obtained from hydroelectric energy generally depends on the flow rate and the head of the water flow used. Hydroelectric power can be stored in batteries for later use. Hydroelectric power is a completely clean energy.

The Propeller turbine is suitable for low head micro hydroelectric generators are designed for families in remote areas to product power for their households easily and inexpensively. Thousands of them has already installed throughout the world. ZD series are the perfect hydro turbine for slow moving rivers and streams. Small, natural waterfalls or dams provide the ideal setting for them.

A simple AC single-phase, brushless permanent magnet alternator is attached to a propeller turbine. All or part of the stream flow is diverted into an intake canal where it forms a vortex, causing the propeller to rotate as it exits through a draft tube to flow free again . All that is required is a vertical drop (head) and a sufficient rate of water flow, which are commonly obtained by installing the micro-hydroelectric generator on a small waterfall, dam or diversion trench. Electricity passes along a wire and into a house and an electronic load controller (supplied) stabilizes the voltage to 110V or 220V to protect electrical appliances during use. The generator can also be used to set other voltages such as 120V, 230V or 240V.Being lightweight and portable, installation is very simple and is explained in the Instruction Manual. Once installed there are no running costs and maintenance costs are extremely low.

Every hydropower project is specific, it is difficult to find the same site condition with the exact same head and flow, and different site conditions request customized water turbines, that is why it is difficult to manufacture standard hydro turbine by required capacity. Even so, DLLD summarized common hydro turbine conventional models below 30kW capacity based on 30+ years production experience, anyway it is not fixed and could be custom make based on your actual site condition, we are warmly welcome to discuss unique solution for your specific hydropower projects. The below regular models are only for your reference.

Low Head Micro Propeller Turbine Generator Unit

No.ModelHead(m)FlowGeneratorPhaseSpeedPipe DiamterGross WeightReferenbce EXW Price
24GD20-LZ-6KW70.1566000Single1500300 Email
25GD20-LZ-10KW110.16510000Single1500300 Email
26GD30-LZ-15KW5–70.35215000Single1500500 Email
27GD30-LZ-20KW7–90.3820000Single1500500 Email
28GD35-LZ-30KW90.5530000Single1500600 Email

1. Model name clarification: XJ means Turgo, ZD means Propeller, DG means Tubular, D means single phase, S means 3 phase, C means PMG, T means synchronous generator, 4/6 means generator poles, Z means steady voltage regulator;

2. The EXW price is only for reference excluding the delivery cost, it should request the officical quotation beofre placing the order and would subject to adjust the price based on the raw materials and exchange rate flotes. For special voltage and frequency, the price also need floats 5-10%.

3. The above selection is only for conventional models, we could custom make kinds of models based on specific site condition.

4. The reference prie including the electronic automatic voltage regulator and export fibre packaging, excluding the pipe and installation cost.

5. The above data is copyright by DLLD Power and any other party should not be used for any other commercial promotion before approved.