Small Hydropower

DLLD Power provides a complete set of qualified equipment for global micro and small hydropower plant up to 1000KW capacity, especially run-of-river hydropower system. Our business ecosystem with DLLD as the core, integrated companies distributed all over the world, provides hydraulic steel structures such as Penstock, Main inlet valve, Francis turbine, Turgo turbine, Pelton turbine, Kaplan turbine, Tubular turbine, generators, speed governors, auxiliary equipment (including oil, water and air system; guide pads, upper guide pads, lower guide pads, thrust pads, etc.), primary electrical equipment (power transformers, switchgear and GIS equipment) and secondary equipment (computerized supervisory and control, protection, dam and geotechnical safety monitoring, hydrological telemetry and reservoir dispatch, excitation, CCTV and DC system)

Francis type turbine
Pelton type turbine
Turgo type turbine
Kaplan type turbine
Tubular type turbine
Hydraulic Generator
Main inlet valve
Microcomputer Governor
Integrated Control Cabinet

Sample Case 1:

Integrated Kaplan turbine generator unit

Design head: 3.9m
Deisig Flow: 9.5m3/s
Design capacity: 2*250KW
Turbine selection: ZZ709-LH-160
Generator selection: SF250-32/1730
Remark: Regulated runner blades

Location: France

Sample Case 2:

Integrated Pelton turbine generator unit

Design head: 135m
Design Flow: 0.333m3/s
Design capacity: 1*352KW
Turbine selection: CJA475-L-46/4*5
Generator selection: SF350-6/850
Remark: 04 nozzles

Sample Case 3:

Integrated Francis turbine generator unit

Design head: 35m
Design Flow: 1.7m3/s
Design capacity: 1*485KW
Turbine selection: HL835C-L-55
Generator selection: SF500-6/850
Remark: Vertical Francis

Reference Case