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Submersible type Hydro Turbine 550 Watts

Model No:QS-LZ12–0.55KW
Output/Power:550 watt
Rated Head:2-5 Meters
Rated Flow:20-50 (l/s)

Submersible type hydro turbine generators is newly developed based on low head propeller design. Reaction turbines require a much larger amount of water flow than impulse styles, but can operate with as little as two feet of head, making them ideal for sites where there may be relatively flat land, but a large water flow. They use either a ‘traditional’ reaction style runner (propeller runner).a specially designed outlet tube increases the turbine power output by creating suction as the water exits the system.

In order to provide optimal performance over a wide range, eight (8) different fixed guide vane angles are available. Runners are available with either four (4) blades. The runner blade angles have been set at the best degree. Induction generator is designed for submersible applications.

The turbine and generator are integrated into a single unit ready to be lowered down into simple compact structures. In a hydro turbine generator all components in the unit are designed to function together from the beginning. There are no transmission shafts to align when installing. Draft tubes, seats are prefabricated steel units, ready to be cast into the structure. While running, the generator is cooled by water flowing around it.
The construction is simple and fast; in most cases old structures can be adapted for use with small changes. The hydro turbine generator is not bolted into the structure. It is simply lowered down to a bottom seat for installation and it can be easily hoisted up for inspection and service. The submersible concept dramatically minimizes the impact on the environment, especially on the landscape, because most of the structure is placed either in the waterway or underground. In some applications the whole station is hidden, by being placed below the water surface. No more dominating power houses. But don’t pull down old beautiful mills or stations, put the submersibles under them and use the place in them as a museum or for other activities. Production and delivery time is short and spare parts are readily available. The unit is efficient and easy to service. Finally the most impact factor; submersible hydro pays! It is the most cost-efficient micro hydro concept!

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