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Floating type Hydro Turbine 250 Watts

Model No:FT-0.25DCT4-Z
Output/Power:250 watt
Rated Head:No required
Rated Flow:3 (m/s)

The Floating water turbine is designed for taking the kinetic energy from the natural forces linear current flow and converting it into mechanical energy and subsequently into usable electrical energy. The turbine is constructed of a buoyant material to support itself on top of the water, thereby eliminating any drag from the apparatus.

Electric power is produced from flow of water by means of a floating rotor, journalled on a non-rotating shaft, which is moored in place. The rotor is turned by peripheral vanes, which engage the flow. Inside the rotor are mounted energy conversion means which change the energy of rotation into electric or hydraulic power, delivered to a distribution system through the non-rotating shaft.

This is a new turbine offering that is in response to numerous requests. We have completed the testing and this product is now available. The unit comes with a 250 watt AC generator and electronic load controller. 

250 watts continuously at a water speed of 3.0 meters per second.

200 watts continuously at a water speed of 2.8 meters per second.

150 watts continuously at a water speed of 2.2 meters per second.

100 watts continuously at a water speed of 1.8 meters per second.

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