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Micro Tubular type Hydro Turbine 6000 Watts

Model No:GD20-LZ–6KW
Output/Power:6000 watt
Rated Head:7 Meters
Rated Flow:156 (l/s)

This Tubular turbine generator unit is applicable to the low-head power station which has a head of less than 20m and the diameter of runner is less than 3m. With the merits of considerable and well-going flow, and high efficiency, this unit is perfectly suitable for developing water resources of low head and large flow in the areas of plains, hills and Coastal place.

The Tubular turbine generator is AC direct systems consist of a turbine-generator unit producing AC power which is used as needed. That is, it is fed directly to the appliances. Governing of such a system is done electronically by a electric load controller(ELC). In order to maintain the correct voltage and frequency within the parameters required, the power is monitored and that which is not used by the appliances is directed to an alternate load. The tubular turbine generator consists of three major components – a hydroelectric turbine, a generator and a control box with a built-in electronic load controller(ELC).

Output Power
3 KW
5 KW
8 KW
10 KW
Water Head
4 meter
6 meter
9 meter
11 meter
Water Flow
136 liter/second
151 liter/second
161 liter/second
165 liter/second
Runner speed
1500 rpm
1500 rpm
1500 rpm
1500 rpm
Rated voltage
Rated current
13.04 A
21.74 A
34.78 A
43.48 A
Safety Protection
Short circuit, Islanding, Over Load, Grounding Fault
Insulation Grade
Protection Grade
Ambient Temperature
Conforms to the IEC international electrician committee standard & CE standard

If you feel you may have a suitable site, please email specific information on your actual site. The information that is required for a preliminary assessment is:
1. The volume of water flowing in your stream, expressed as liters per second.
2. The head (height of drop) of the falling water, expressed in meters.
3. The length of the penstock (pipeline) in meters.

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