Obtain 7*24 clean power from water source

Supplying and installing complete set electromechanical equipment for global micro and small hydropower project upto to 10MW, DLLD offers entire project proposal, equipment selection and procurement, construction organization.

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Micro hydropower system

Become An Expert before building Hydropower Plant

How to Measure Water Head

Measure your hydropower head and use the hydro calculator to work out your water head data. 

How to measure water flow

Use your micro hydro power calculator to know the water flow of your hydro site.

Make Your Own Micro Hydro Power

How to make your own turbines work for yourself?

A Guide to Hydro Power

Know more about hydro power, especially run of river system. 

How many power I can get from my water source?

The hydropower is obtained from actual site condition, it is up to net head and flow rate, you can estimate your micro hydropower capacity by the formla: P(w)=9.81*H(m)*F(l/s)*E(60%). (Noted the overall efficiency is normally 50-70% for our micro hydro system).

What is the cost of your micro hydro turbine ?

The cost of micro hydropower system is quite different, so need to request the quotation case by case. Normally our micro hydropower production cost is around USD400-2,000 per kW based on detail turbine selections and materials. And total cost for micro hydro system including local labors around USD4,000-10,000 per KW. 

Which kind of turbine is suitable for my site?

Though there are different water turbine types, but maybe only 1-2 type is mostly suitable for your site, which is up to your local site condition and your required output power. 

Can the micro hydropower grid tired?

Of course Yes, our micro hydropower system could run stand alone or connect to the national grid. Both options are available. 

Are you micro hydro turbine manufacturer ?

Yes DLLD power is the pioneer of Chinese micro hydropower manufacturer to provide the top quality level system to worldwide, with full series solution ranging from 0.1kW-100KW. And also we can design and develop new system based on different site conditions. 

How long would i receive my system from China ?

Generally our production lead time for conventional models is around 30-45 days, for some new designed models it may take longer time around 2-3 months. And we can arrange the export and transport by Sea or Air based on your choose. 

Customers Reviews

Omg I love this DLLD hydro turbine it work great I still don’t have the power I still use this turbine, it power my TV DVD and to the charger, my kid’s cell fans and power banks work great.
Mr. Tom
I installed the DLLD Hydro XJ28-6.0DCTF4/6-Z (Dual Nozzles Turgo Turbine) power plant on a stream with 20m water head and 50-60 L/S flow. The Generator works very well. I have tested the generator with a full load and it works fine.
Ms. Gary Lunn

Why Hydropower?

Electricity from micro and small hydropower is a clean, safe, emission free, renewable energy. With proper development it is reliable, requires low maintenance, and results in a lower cost per kW than other options such as:  gasoline, diesel, or wind generators, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, or the environmental damage and/or expense of bringing the grid from afar.  Community participation, self-sufficiency, and the benefits of reliable lights bring pride, stability, and unity to communities.  Power can be used for lights, radio, TV, computers, small industry (sewing machines, agricultural processing), and large community water heaters.  Especially benefited are women and children who no longer face the smell, smoke, danger, inconvenience, and cost of lanterns.  A consistent water supply allows power generation 24 hours/day even when there is no sun or wind.  The generating equipment produces low noise and can be built so it is not obstructive or abusive to the environment.  Water use is “non-consumptive” in that the water flowing through the turbine returns to the river or stream it originated from and can be reused for agricultural irrigation purposes.

If you are interested in building your mini hydropower power, please advise your available water source data for further discussions, such as Net Head (m), Design Flow (l/s), Required output Power (kW), Required Voltage(V), Frequency (50Hz or 60Hz), Off-Grid or On-Grid, etc as more details as possible. 

DLLD Hydropower Systems Advantages

1. Small size, lightweight, and reasonable integrated design, for the stand-alone system we use rare earth permanent magnet synchronous generator for super-reliable performance and simple structure. For on-grid usage, we can use the asynchronous generator.

2. Equipped with automatic voltage and frequency regulation control function, our ELC controls the electricity for the generator and sends the excess electricity to a dummy load fully. Take an example, if the load loss is 20%, our thyristor will automatically balance this 20% load by itself fully to keep the voltage stabilization. 

3. DLLD hydroelectric equipment can be output AC power directly to be used as a power source for lighting, watching TV, and dragging micro agricultural and by-product processing machinery for farmers. Also could be stored in the battery for peak usage. 

4. DLLD combines a micro water turbine, generator, voltage, frequency stabilization controller, etc. integrated together, with reliable performance and low maintenance cost, which also increase the lifecycle by 20-30 years.

5. Our hydropower system is an environmentally friendly product, with obvious social and economic benefits.