Comparison Between Permanent Magnet Generators And Electrically Excited Generators

1 Permanent magnet generators can run at variable speeds. Electrically excited generators can only run at a constant speed. When the speed varies greatly, the AVR of electrically excited generators will desperately increase the excitation current, which will burn up the excitation coil to a certain extent. A permanent magnet generator rotor adopts a strong constant magnetic field, the speed change will not burn the motor.
2 Permanent magnet generators can be used in high temperatures, high humidity, and marine environment. A permanent magnet generator does not need excitation winding, the rotor does not heat up, the generator only needs to cool the outer surface of the motor, the cooling wind only needs to blow the motor shell can be, on special occasions can also be easily made into water cooling, etc. While the electrically excited generator rotor excitation winding is concentrated winding is the main source of heat, must enter the generator through the outside air in order to cool, in the ocean and other humid environments can not be used.
3 Permanent magnet generators have obvious advantages in low-speed situations. The rotor of PMG has no excitation coil, so it can be easily made into multi-poles, such as 100 poles, and the generator can send out 400V50HZ electricity at 60 rpm. If the electrically excited generator is made of 100 poles is almost impossible, to make out the volume to be very large, and the cost is much higher than the permanent magnet generator.
4 high-efficiency permanent magnet generators than high power. At present, the larger capacity generators are electrically excited, that is, there is an excitation winding installed on the generator rotor, through the applied current to generate the main magnetic field of the generator, because the winding has multiple turns of coil winding, so this generator speed generally can not be too high; permanent magnet generator without excitation winding, no carbon brush, no collector ring, the motor speed can be designed very high, the power of the generator is proportional to its speed, so The power of the generator is proportional to its speed, thus the PMG can output more power in the same volume, and the volume of PMG is small.
5 High-efficiency permanent magnet generator. A permanent magnet generator has rare earth permanent magnet material in the rotor core, which is used to generate the main magnetic field of the generator, eliminating the need for excitation winding and excitation control system, and eliminating the need for external power excitation, so the efficiency of high-efficiency permanent magnet generator is more than 10% higher than that of the electrically excited generator.
6 High-efficiency permanent magnet generator is highly reliable. Because the PMG has no excitation winding, the collector ring and carbon brush device, and excitation control part are omitted, so the PMG is highly reliable and compact. It is small in size and light in weight.
7 High-efficiency PMG can be easily used for electric motors. In the permanent magnet generator rotor permanent magnet strong magnetic field, so this motor can be convenient for motor operation, especially suitable for use as a test motor. When the test equipment is dragging the motor, the motor can send out electrical energy, then the motor provides a load torque to the test equipment, which can test the torque characteristics of the test equipment; when the test equipment needs to be dragged by other power rotation, the motor acts as a motor to drag the test equipment to run, which can measure the braking performance, coasting condition, rotational inertia, counter potential and other parameters of the test equipment, when the motor is used as a motor, it has Smooth continuous step-less speed regulation, large starting torque, small starting current, high speed, can use AC or DC power, etc.
8 High-efficiency permanent magnet generator is highly adaptable. High school permanent magnet generator has a high specific power, high efficiency, high speed, high reliability, low heat generation, lightweight, simple structure, small size, and can be easily used as a motor operation, especially for aerospace, military, vehicles, test equipment, and other special occasions.