Electronic Load Controller (ELC)

DLLD Electronic Load controller device consists of a speed regulator, an excitation regulator, switches and protection etc.Its main functions are: frequency & voltage stabilization, operation monitoring, relay protection and power distribution. The frequency is stabilized by regulating the extra load. The voltage stabilization is realized through excitation regulation. Therefore, the generating unit can be manual-started, automatically operated, signal-alarm and emergency stopped thus realizing unmanned attendance. This control panel is supplied with the turbine-generator unit with the capacity  to control the unit automatically, such functions as acquisition and display of technical parameters, control of voltage and frequency , synchronization operation, protection of over speed, over voltage, short circuit and backup are integrated into this control panel. After the unit being started , this control panel can automatically monitor the load fluctuation , maintain the load balancing and keep stable voltage and Frequency of the unit, so as to ensure smooth operation of the unit.

DLLD multifunctional control cabinet combines the microcomputer quasi-synchronizing automatic grid controller and generator comprehensive protector synchronous self-locking equipment. It could combined to the grid by manual or automatically, and multifunctional protection operation, and also has the advantage of simple structure, easy installation and maintain, flexibly using, that’s why it’s widely used in medium and small or micro hydraulic generator unit. Function as below:

1. Clear display generator voltage, current and frequency on control panel and synchronous adjust instructions, synchronous points;

2 Clear display on grid voltage, current and frequency and automatic tracking the same period network synchronous point off instructions

3 Tripping operation display, once off-grid, generator over-current, over-voltage or under-voltage, the protector will make the trip order and trip out automatically, and also buzzing alarm or Lights Flashed. The status will shows in malfunction and the load operates by then.

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